Fig xA Individual map according to the two first

Fig. 2. Individual map according to the two first axes of the principal component analysis of NIR spectra for fruits analysed at harvest from the three growth pattern groups (GP1, GP2 and GP3). The ellipses present the confidence intervals of each group (P < 0.05).Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide
4. Conclusions
Our results tended to show that growth pattern could be a good indicator for fruit textural quality at harvest and its evolution after cold storage. Absolute growth rate during cell division and cell CGP41251 and relative growth rate values during cell elongation seem to be good indicators. More specifically, relative growth rate seemed to be more determinate for juiciness at harvest and the onset of mealiness during cold storage. In this way fruit growth models such as the one by (Lakso et al., 1995) could be used to evaluate the growth parameter used in this study and evaluate or predict fruit quality attributes at harvest or after storage. However, while it seems to be a good possibility to use growth pattern as a new indicator for fruit quality, our results need to be confirmed with more data and other cultivars.